Part 6 Economic Cycle

Users of P2E games must be able to understand how to invest in costs while also generating revenue. PonPon Snake's whole economic cycle is structured into three fundamental blocks:

Snake Rider PVP cycle (2.x version.) Land of Serpent Explore cycle (3.x version, 2023 publish) Abyss Explore (4.x version, 2024 publish)

PVP Economic Cycle

PonPon Snake PVP Battle will be a three-minute fast-paced game in 3D. It tests the players' collaboration, snake riding ability, and response time. Furthermore, the management of the snake rider's guide market will have an influence on game outcomes and profit margins. In PVP, they compete for the ERNC; the NFT owner, captain, and player can all benefit.

NFT owner - They may bid for Snake rider NFT ownership to provide rental services, form coalitions, and split rewards worth 10% to 20% of the ERNC.

Captain/Leader - They can sign up for contests and give out battle tickets to recruit top players or establish squads. The captain will be able to get a total of 10~30 percent of ERNC as a reward.

Players - They can be invited to fight and will be focused on winning. They can receive 50~90% ERNC from victory battles. Players with a high winning rate will receive SRC as the income of the battle.

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