2.5 Snake Rider


Correa is a gentle guy with a good heart and also good at cooking. Even though he gets tricked easily, as long as it doesn’t go against the knightship, it doesn’t matter if he suffers a little loss.

He trains day and night to catch up with his younger sister, Celica, which is also a great snake rider.

Correa is the most eye-catching new snake ridder of the year and has a sister complex.


Correa's twin sister was born and raised in a rural village. She was lost in the woods at the age of five. After that, she spent her time living in the capital with the knight captain who adopted her.

She is a positive and straight-A student, but super bad at cooking. Every time she cooks, the kitchen will be an absolute disaster. Otherwise, she is so perfect that no matter rookies or experienced knights all favor her. She dedicated all her time to training and becoming the rising star of the Honor Kingdom.


She is the princess of the Flaine empire, heir of the queen. Venus appears to be a girl but no one has any idea of her actual gender. The queen raised her as the future hope of this nation. During her childhood living in the emperor's palace, Lucifer was also sent to Flaine to study and they quickly became friends. Since Venus is well taught and trained, she quickly becomes one of the most skilled snake riders among all knights. She also believes that great power comes with great responsibility, and she is willing to fight for her family's name with pride.


Wendini is from Wendini Island in the Della Federal, and she is the priest of the Temple of Flaine. She is an elf with the ability to fly and control the water. Even though she looks like a little girl, she is actually over 100 years old; some say she is summoned here by the former queen. She is warm and gentle as long as you are honest with her. Wendini can also be a gold digger, that’s why you can see her selling mystery drinks anywhere.


Lucifer was born into a noble family from Nord. He studied in Flaine for a couple of years and also became friends with Venus. He's an outspoken person who also loves to act cool but always does silly things. That’s why he never gets a chance to battle against Venus.

To evolve his outfit, he even put a decorated wing on his shoulder to match the look of his snake. He truly believes in what he's capable of. Although he is outgoing, he becomes shy while receiving compliments.


Felice grew up at Potronis and is the arms dealer's only child. At the age of ten, she founded the "Purple Whale Chamber of Commerce," which soon grew to expand throughout the world. The Purple Whale never exploits their subordinates but also offers a wide range of benefits, making it a desirable profession. She could be a badass type of person sometimes; her hobby is collecting gems, making potions, and earning gold.

Sun Wu-Kong

Born from a rock and raised to become the Monkey God. Sun Wu-Kong is one of Chao Yang's legendary half-gods. He possesses an indestructible body, lightning-fast speed, and the ability to cast the "72 Kinds of Changes" spell; his weapon is a formidable golden cudgel.

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