Part 5 Update Plan

PonPon Snake will usher in the P2E upgrade in 2022, including GameFi components, the NFT auction market, and the publication of ERNC. The gaming league will enter the age of the FTs reward pool, and all competition reward ERNC will be granted; in order to get the prize, users must log in to MetaMask Wallet.
22Q1 - MetaMask connection
22Q1 - Snake Rider Coin(SRC) deposit.
22Q1 - Optimize: Applicable for thermal shock reduction of middle and high-end mobile phones.
22Q1 - Battle change: To prevent players from losing their feeling of speed, the game fight angle and game control may be adjusted.
22Q1 - Lobby Change: Add Intro page, Story guide, and battle reward system.
22Q1 - Market: Add snake rider rental market.
22Q1 - Chinese New Year Champion League.
22Q1 - Asia Champion League Season II.
22Q2 - NFT owner System, Leader System.
22Q2 - Battle: Variant Snake, snake riders can also play in the same game.
22Q2 - Battle change: Game match system complete
22Q2 - Snake Rider Rental
22Q2 - Snake Rider Coin (SRC) website deposit and withdrawal.
22Q2 - ERNC issuance
22Q2 - Asia Champion League Season III
22Q3 - PVE Explore
22Q3 - Battle: Publish Spirit snake rider in battle.
22Q4 - Battle: Publish Snake God in battle.
22Q4 - Halloween Championship
22Q4 - Throne Challenge.
22Q4 - Xmas / New Year Championship.