1.6 ERNC

last update 2022.07.22

Ponpon Snake's governing money is ERNC (Empyreal Nucleus), which is on the Polygon Layer 2 chain. Initially, it may be acquired through gaming contests, but this will alter with the introduction of a community.

Ponpon Snake was not a DOA game when it was introduced, and the conversion process needed several months of game development and DAO community building. CQI GAMES will fund game development and ecological enhancement in the Ponpon Snake environment in 2022.

We will acquire Partners and professionals to certify that the game development works and can be completed; we will also increase the development speed. ERNC may be gained not only by players, but CQI GAMES Developers will also begin to assign ERNC within the team holding ratio throughout this procedure (16 percent ).

Following the debut of the pledge system, gamers and any ERNC owners can pledge to get ERNC rewards and vote on crucial ecological issues, game system development, and ideas. Finally, all Ponpon Snake Users of the Arena competition participants will own ERNC and earn governance powers over the gaming environment.

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