Part 4 Global Esport

Now gaming is more than simply a kind of personal entertainment. Most of the time, games may be regarded as a community tool, and E-Sport can become a symbol of the gaming community's development. More operators use rewards, money, reputation, and popularity to market their games. This is now the major part of the Game-Fi idea and P2E.

Champions League - The Champions League will divide into three regions: Asia, Europe, and North America. Every year from March to September, a competition will be organized; with both an early and late season, and a total of 60 (or more) final matches. Our cryptocurrency, ERNC, will be rewarded.

Festival Championship - Held by different countries, we will pick the host country, and will attract the local sponsors. Every festival championship will run 1~2 weeks, with a total of 3~6 final matchups. Winners will get ERNC as well as items from the sponsors.

Reward ERNC - In the future competition of PonPon Snake, Every season we will withdraw 200,000 ERNC( about 20,000 USD) from the P2E allocation pool as the gaming reward. The goal is to promote our game to more countries and increase the snake rider's price.

Sponsorships - There are various sponsors for each competition. They will provide prize money, sponsorship, discounts, coupons, etc. Our game will provide placement marketing and event promotion as a method of mutual assistance.

  • KIMLAN - A well-known food brand in Taiwan. Sponsorship of the Asia Champion League I, which provides more than half of the rewards. We featured their Yomi Pop and Kimlan soy sauce in our game, along with Yomi Pop exclusive skins that may be utilized for over a year.

  • ROG - Asus ROG, a world-famous E-sport computer hardware manufacturer, provides mobile phone discounts.

  • My Card - A Game point selling platform for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. (and other Southeast Asia regions) They provide PonPon snake exclusive point cards.

  • Jabar GN (En-Sonic) - En-Sonic is the global agency for the well-known Jaber earphone. They provide rewards for the Christmas and New Year championships.

Host Country (Host City) - Each season/festival competition will have a host. We'll invite local sponsors and KOLs/YouTubers, as well as a variety of exhibitions, including video game exhibitions, e-sports exhibitions, food exhibitions, and other linked marketing.

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