1.1 GameFi + NFT

last update 2022.07.22

PonPon Snake 2022 is free to download in the App Store / Google Play online store. Users will get classic snakes to experience the game battle; however, they must have a cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask to join the game's economic circle.

1.2.1 MetaMask Wallet support

Game accounts can be bound with global phone numbers to ensure the account's ownership. The bounded account can be connected to the user's MetaMask wallet then he/she can receive in-game cryptocurrency income. Go to the official website of PonPon Snake NFT market https://marketplace.ponponsnake.com, you can check out the latest PPSR NFT. These NFTs are completely owned by users and can be used in investment. The assets can be traded, and charged for rental commissions.

PonPon Snake’s NFT will be supported by Secret BlockChain, which has a low transaction fee. It is also safe and fast, which makes it suitable for frequent transactions, moreover, it will not be affected by the high commission of the ETH gas fee, which will cause a reduction in the transaction frequency.

Those who are new to cryptocurrencies will need to use MetaMask's Wyre credit card through Apple Pay, or bank cards through Transak to purchase directly. Currently, it has already supported several countries. The official website also provides instructions to assist people that are new to crypto wallets.

Appearance Fee

PonPon Snake's game financial design has forward-looking benefits. Users can decide the benefit plan according to their own economic capabilities:

PPSR (NFT Owner) - Suitable for users who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and hold a certain amount of ETH. They can own PPSR NFT through bidding auctions and continue to obtain SRC(Snake Rider Coin) paid by other players for the long term. The NFT owner can provide rental services for other players and is equivalent to participating in the game's operation.

Free Player - They can be seen as a trial user. Various snakes in the game don't need an appearance fee, so players can still experience gameplay, but they will not receive cryptocurrency income, such as ERNC.

PPSR Player - The player can rent PPSR owned by other players in the Guild Room. Each PPSR will be marked with a battle rental commission. They can play with these PPSR and earn ERNC for battle victories in cryptocurrency.

Guild Room - Users can view the available Snake Riders and can indicate their preferences to speed up the search and choice. The list will also provide information, such as the lowest battle fee, highest wins, most rentals, latest appearances, etc., which will be convenient for users to select quickly.

Appearance Fee (RAF: Rider's Appearance Fee) - It will be set by the owner of the NFT holder, and the fee can be set from (free) 0 to 999,999(maximum). The player must pay the appearance fee each time they use it, while the owner can earn these battle fees as income.

SRC (Snake Rider Coins) - Designated by the guild, SRC will be the game currency used to pay the battle fee. Players can use the in-game recharge (IAP) to purchase SRC, each purchase is 70% conversion, but if players buy from the MetaMask wallet on our official website they will get an 80% conversion.

SRC is a "safe-haven" currency. Players can withdraw cash to MetaMask on the official website at any time and exchange it for USDT / ETH or other globally circulating cryptocurrencies. Because they can be withdrawn, game operators will not get profit, only the process fee for the financial services will be charged.

Split Ratio - Snake rider tenants(players) and owners can share ERNC / MIRP of each battle, the sharing ratio can be 8:2 / 9:1, etc. The ratio will be set by the owner, and the tenant can check before they pay the fee.

PonPon Snake's financial ecosystem has an ideal metaverse outlook:

The main assets of the game are held by players, and the assets are publicly stored in the form of NFT. Some users will be promoted to administrators to join the management of our game and earn game revenue. The price of PPSR or supply/demand conditions will all be operated by the players themselves. Snake Rider assets can be traded through NFT auctions and all transactions are conducted in cryptocurrencies. The player's identity is maintained, and they can complete transactions without exposing their real identities.

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