3.1 PVP (需要補)

Snake Rider contests are all PVP, with players able to compete against one another. There will be two categories, 1v1 and squad 4v4, and also four game modes:

Treasure Hunt

The Itza people have passed down these basic combat rules from ancient times. If you battle till the end, you can win the gold from your opponents. The combat may be attended by wild monsters, monsters, and wandering knights from the abyss, making it the most dangerous and valuable conflict to engage in.

4V4 Deathmatch

This fight is well-known in Itza land, and the Nord Army upholds this competitive rule as well. The riders must create a four-person team, and the battle will be supported by an airship. It will be critical to conquering the opponent of another team in order to win. The victorious team earns ranking points and is eligible to compete in subsequent professional contests.

Ally and enemy- The color distinguishes the alley and enemies. They will be separated into two teams: blue and red. The color will be seen on their ID and on their snake’s body. Furthermore, the enemy's snake body may be colored, while our side retains the main hue, allowing the player to recognize the snake by its color.

Enemy location - Except for the minimap, the location of the enemy will also be marked, which is convenient for users to determine strategy and movement.

Timing - All PVP games have a three-minute time restriction. If the winner can be determined in three minutes or less, the game can be finished sooner. If there is no winner after three minutes, the total score will be used to determine the winner.

Sponsors - During the qualifying competition, sponsorship items can also be collected, which can increase the calculation score of the result.

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