1.2 PPSR NFT Market

last update 2022.07.22

Players can access PonPon Snake's NFT auction market (Marketplace) by using the game account. The market provides real-time game data, transaction information, bidding/trading functions, historical transaction records K-line, etc. Also, 24H provides users with Trading PPSR.

PPSR NFT Debuting - The first release of the newest Snake Rider will immediately conduct the first sale bidding on the auction floor, and all users will be open to bidding. According to the current situation of the Snake Rider, the bidding time for each first sale will be about 1~4 weeks, the last bidder with the highest cost will win the bid and become the owner of the Snake Rider.

PPSR NFT Auto-Auction - The Snake Rider NFT held by the owner will automatically continue to accept bids from all parties in the NFT auction. As long as users who hold enough USDT/SUSD can continue to bid. The highest one will temporarily deduct the bid in the wallet to ensure that the transaction can proceed successfully.

SUSD - SUSD is like USDT, which maintains the 1:1 price and can be used for trading at the PonPon Snake NFT Auction House

NFT Resell - As long as the owner accepts a satisfactory bid, he/she can sell the NFT and transfer the snake rider to the bidder, at the same time, the SRC / ERNC / MIRP of the game revenue will also be transferred as well.

Secret BlockChain - Compared with Ethereum, Secret BlockChain has superior transaction speed and reduces the cost of encrypted computational resources. Which also can solve the rapid expansion of services without causing network congestion, or a significant increase in transaction costs.

Snake Rider NFT Data Comparison - After the 2.0 upgrade, our NFT auction house will provide Snake rider's Candlestick Chart, battle fee income Candlestick Chart, and also a comparison function. These will be convenient for investment users to compare and analyze.

Release Frequency - 2022 Q2, after the NFT auction website is released, new Snake Riders will debut on the site every week. At least 50~200 Snake Rider NFTs will be released every year during the game operation period.

Market Demand - NFT owners who hold the Snake Rider assets can resell and collect daily battle fees. The more fun the game becomes, the more intense the competition will be held, and also the more players will participate. These will all improve the ERNC market and bring more snake rider rental requests, and so the daily battle fee will increase.

3D Snake Rider - The Snake Rider will be displayed in 3D vividly in-game, and in the NFT auction, the Snake rider will also be presented on the website using 3D FBX(version 2.0). The user can turn and zoom in and out the model. There will also be an action animation for it.

Naming - Each Snake Rider will have a PPSR # number, this number cannot be changed, but the owner can rename the Snake Rider. It will be displayed as PPSR #999 - Fire Dragon Lucifer. The name after the number is what the owner can freely change.

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