2.1 Itza World

last update 2022.07.22

In the thousands of universes, there is a tiny world called “The world of Itza”, where the native people “Itzans” live. The characteristics of the Itza are very obvious, they have a round and short body(with only 2-3 headed), and the average adult height is about only 55 cm, with an average weight of about 22 kg. Their intelligence is usually not high, and not extremely powerful, but they have the keen nature of hunters. Itzans can live very long, with an average of 333 years old.

After all, other species in Itza are more rounded, kind, and, dare I say, smarter than Itzans. As a result, the Itzans dominate the Itza world, having built several ethnic groupings and kingdoms. For thousands of years, they have lived in every portion of the world.

Because of the long-term isolation and development of the ocean, the Itza people's history and civilization are rich and diversified. They primarily believe in a single old creation story, that they are descended from serpent gods. This is due to the Itzans' oviparous reproduction method. The Itzans are a fairly primitive species in terms of geobiology.

According to legend, the first Itzans were descended from two primeval gods, "Phinelia and Alenifer," who were half-snake brothers and sisters. The progeny of Phinelia and Alenifer become three primary species: the half-human snake god, human, and snake.

The half-human snake god is the most powerful species of all, making them more aggressive than other species; they hunt other Itza creatures as their food and slaves. At last, they launched the never-ending war. Phinelia and Alenifer summoned heavenly wrath to annihilate their species.

The two gods then created a massive gap on the edge of the "Endless Sea," which opened the undiscovered space tunnel. As a result of the heavenly wrath, the spirits of the half-human snake gods remain in the abyss. Their spirit accumulated throughout time and became a new species known as the "Variant Snake.”

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