1.3 Cryptocurrency ERNC

last update 2022.07.22

PonPon SNake 2022, will release fungible tokens used for trading in the game-fi system.

SRC: Expected to be launched in April 2022. SRC will be designated by the PonPon Snake Guild for paying the battle fee, which is not a cryptocurrency and is only usable in the game. Because it is a value-preserving currency; users can withdraw it to the MetaMask wallet on the official website and exchange it for USDT / ETH or other cryptocurrencies at any time. Users can withdraw as much as they deposit and as much as they earn due to the constant value preservation.

ERNC: Expected to be launched in May 2022. ERNC is the PonPon Snake Metaverse's governance token. Holders can vote on game rewards and use them as a cryptography token in the market. It can also be thought of as game chips that are used for battles, bets, transactions, and Stake. Players can gain them through the official competition of the game. High Rising space of value

Wallet Preservation - The coins produced by the game are all ERC-20 tokens. Users must use ERC-20 wallets such as MetaMask. In the future, we will be working on it to support other soft wallets, such as Trust Wallet and Binance Wallet, Trezor One, Ledger Nano X, and other hard wallets.

Public Trade - SRC is not a cryptocurrency; it will only be converted in the game. However, in the future, ERNC / MIRP may be accepted by credible market exchanges and become a cryptocurrency that can be publicly traded and may be used in Binance, Coinbase, Bitkub, Kraken, Max, and other global or regional exchanges listed for trading.

E-sport - We Pay tribute to how Axie Infinity responded to the player community's proposal and how they announced the launch of the e-sports server. They have provided 5,000 AXS (about 120,000 US dollars) each season as a community competition prize, which prompted the platform for a month. The trading volume of AXS in China has soared by more than 500%, which directly boosted the price.

PonPon Snake will learn from the success of AXS, which is equivalent to the issuance of game cryptocurrencies and combined with competitions, it has injected a boost into the market, proving that users can also accept cryptocurrencies as game competition income, and it also proves that the value-added encryption Currency features, comparable to cash, are more appealing to users.

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