2.4 The Abyss PVE

The wrath inflicted by "Phinelia and Alenifer" caused a massive rift in the Endless Sea. The rift is now known as "The Abyss," and it is strange, dangerous, and filled with materials and creatures. The Abyss creates various space tunnels and gives birth to various snakes; it is ruled by the terrifying snake god.

PVE Exploring

探索競賽是每日/周/月的探險得分比拚, 而關卡則是由用戶創造提供, 同樣是 NFT 領頭的經濟循環機制

For PVE exploration, there will be a ranking. Players who own land NFT will be able to design PVE levels.

Abyss NFT: PonPonSnake will be publishing many land NFT of the abyss, owners can gain income by designing these levels and allowing other players to play.

Monster NFT: These NFTs may be placed in the level, and when players fight them, they will get rewards.

Level Design: Owners of the land can customize the level's surroundings, monsters, and items.

Explore Task: Every day, tasks will be assigned to players, and once completed, they will earn rewards.

PVE Rank: The PVE rating will be updated every day/week/month, and those that reach the top ranks will receive additional rewards.

Random Event: Players may encounter random events while exploring in PVE, making the level more difficult; if the player survives, they will win extra rewards.

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