2.2 Snake

Itza people began to sense a mysterious power calling to them from the abyss thousands of years ago. They explored the abyss, but most of them died. Despite sacrificing countless lives, they have never found the answer.

Aibo and Shasha, who were honored as "Snake Spirit Legends", solved the mystery by finding the Mystical crystal in the abyss. By using their blood to cultivate it, they hatched the variant snake and became the first snake rider. Within a hundred years, they reached the unparalleled level of "Spirit snake rider".

According to the legend, they moved into "Eternal Village" in the depths of the abyss. Their book "Variant snake Goddess" became the holy book of the Itzans. People started reading the book and pursuing their adventures. Many of them obtained Variant snakes, which ushered in the great era of Snake Rider.

The battle between snake riders has become a common culture of the Itzans. The champion becomes the strongest kingdom. Those with the ability to find mystical crystals, hatch variant snakes, or become snake riders are elites. They have extraordinary power to control variant snakes, use spiritual magic, and summon creatures.

Mystical crystals - A treasure in the abyss, gathered by the spirits of half-human snake gods. Its outer layer resembles a crystal, but it contains mystical particles flowing inside. To connect symbiosis with the Itza people, it calls out to them. After awakening, it will breed the variant snake.

Snake - They are not just ordinary snakes. Variant snakes are born from Mystical crystals and have high spirituality. They can mind communicate with the one that has a symbiotic relationship with them, and can even provide powerful magic.

Snake Rider - When a Variant snake reaches adulthood, its body type will be larger than that of its owner. They have amazing stamina and limitless magic mana, allowing them to be even more powerful. Adult snakes will be the Itza people's mounts, which they will use to explore, battle, and hunt. The owner of a Variant snake will be seen as a hero, rider, or master, and will receive worship as a result.

Spirit Snake Rider - Evolved snakes can easily dominate other creatures and will be given more mana. Their use of element magics will advance to a higher level, Its owner will also gain power. The kingdom will also bestow greater glory on the rider, they will also be invited to the "Snake god council," which plays a role in world dominance.

Amphiptere- Despite the fact that the snake rider has a symbiotic relationship with the snake, humans cannot outlive the snake spirit. Most snakes will leave Itza and return to the abyss after the rider dies. Some snakes will make their way to the next realm. If they succeed, they will be known as the "Snake God."

Amphiptere is the most powerful creature, it has the soul combination of the rider and serpent, so their power will be formidable. Amphipteres will grow horns, wings, claws, and even carry weapons. They can live thousands of years and becomes the overlord.

The snake will need Miracle Potion to break through each level, both the variant snake and rider must be at an upgradeable stage.

Slico and Taipoon's artificial snakes are remarkable exceptions. They create iron snake technology by powering poking devices with Mystical crystal.

Taipoon is a magical place filled with old monsters and spirits. Local Taipoons utilize mystical gemstones to summon magical spells that may make people and beasts asleep.

Iron Snake- A snake made of iron and other non-living material, uses the tainted crystal as a power source. They are no worse than any other variant snakes, and can also be utilized in battles.

Snake Train- formed with cursed creatures and souls, they become a group that acts together in front and behind. Once it gets mad it will become a badass.

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