Part 3 Snake Rider Battle

PonPon Snake is a PVP game that requires a fast internet connection to play. Players must join the same server to participate in the same combat. PonPon Snake debuted in Asia and Europe in 2022, with ambitions to expand to America and China in 2023.

Gameplay = Fun + Challenge Eat wildly! Grow! Charge and kill! Seize diamonds! Gorgeous leap! Super Ultimate

Basic Gameplay Visual Angle - PonPon Snake's visual angle is similar to the famous arcade game "Snake," but slightly slanted back 80 to 70 degrees so that the user can see the jumping motion and other features. Advanced users may change the visual angle mode in the game settings. Automatic Run - This feature is similar to the arcade game "snake." The snake will move forward automatically and will not stop; the advancing speed of various snakes will vary.

Game Control - You can turn left and right, the main function of the player is to control the snake's movement. Most of the time you must turn around in circles. We must also direct the user to consume food, acquire items, fight opponents, escape danger, explore maps, and so on. the advancing speed of various snakes will vary.

Automatic growth - The snake will absorb everything in front of it, including foods, diamonds, and items. Food will grow the snake's length and size, while items will enhance the rider’s total score.

Speed - Acceleration and deceleration. The player may control the snake's speed by hitting a single button. He/she can increase or decrease the speed, the advancing speed of various snakes will vary.

Basic Attacks - Snake Rider, Spirit Snake Rider, and Snake God can all utilize a basic attack. They will attack automatically if there are opponents around. Attack tactics, distance, frequency, and DPS(Damage Per Second) will vary among snake kinds.

Jump - By pressing a single button, the player may cause the snake to jump. Jumping may assist the player in overcoming obstacles (or going through another snake). To accomplish the jumping act, the snake will fall back to the ground after a short length of time. During jumping, players will be able to regulate the movement to the left or right. If the player meets the following conditions: stepping on objects, or reaching the top of the height, a double-jump will be possible.

Skill - The player may cast spells while moving and turning by hitting a single button. The snakes will grant 1-2 sets of usable skills. Players can choose the direction of casting by pressing and holding the skill key. If they do not wish to choose the direction, it will be performed automatically by swiftly hitting the skill key, and the system will choose the target for them.

Cavalry charge - When the player moves rapidly, a visible effect will appear around the snake rider. At this pace, any opponent hit by the snake's head will take damage, but it will also cause damage to the player him/herself. The body length of both sides and the angle of impact are used to determine the extent of the injury.

Collision Damage - Generally, if the snake collides with an obstruction, no damage will be done. However, if they collide with another snake's body, they may suffer damage or even die

Diamonds - Depending on the cause of damage, the snake will blow out diamonds or other valuables on the arena, which other players can take.

Slain - When the snake's body length is destroyed during the battle, the snake is declared dead.

Game Map boundary - When a snake enters a dangerous area, its body will rapidly be consumed, resulting in death.

Respawn- After a snake dies in the arena, it will respawn at the game respawn point. If the snake is killed by another player, it will not be able to respawn in the arena; instead, they will be returned to the airship's deck, where they will wait for the player to press the button to rejoin the game.

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