1.4 Secret BlockChain

last update 2022.07.22

PonPon Snake's Secret BlockChain is built on the blockchain area and can address the difficulties listed below: 1. Transaction speed slow 2. On-chain computer resources and capacity are expensive and restricted.

It enables DApp/GameFi developers to quickly access and constructs. The secret chain service system provides a long-term solution for the economic operation to difficulties, such as fast service development, network congestion, and excessive transaction costs.

  1. Enhance Secret Chain by providing DApp/GameFi cooperative developers to aid in the creation of blockchain services.

  2. NFT ERC721 can be issued and exchanged.

  3. ERC20 Token can be issued, traded, and consumed.

  4. Construction of Secret Bridge

  5. Deposit/withdraw Ethereum.

  6. Reduce Gas Fees of on-chain transactions.

  7. Conveniently connect Secret, MetaMask, and other crypto wallets.

  8. A data access block explorer that supports data and transaction inquiries.

Secret Bridge:

Deposit - Provide assets to be used by other crypto wallets into the Secret chain.

Withdraw - Offer to transfer assets to Ethereum.

Upgrade ERNC/MIRP - Update cryptocurrency data.

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